Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year

My blogging has been and will continue to be sporadic for a while...because, you know, life. And CHRISTMAS!

Mostly I'm just working on soaking in Zoe's first holiday season and our last in Germany. This makes me feel so many feelings...pass the tissues, mostly. Speaking of which, I am foiled every time I do reach for a tissue because, whoops, our Christmas tree is so fat that we had to actually remove furniture from our living room for it to fit. This included an end table that formerly held a box of conveniently located tissues. Alas. But really, I could not be happier about our fat, fabulous tree because we have suffered through some scrawny, wonky German trees the last few years (you'll recall our tree last year fell over...twice. And the year before the tree died and drooped and ornaments fell off and shattered, as did my heart). But this year, our big daddy tree is just fat and happy and taking over a really good chunk of our living room. I am happy.

We put the tree up on Thanksgiving, definitely the earliest we've ever decorated. But I wanted Zoe to experience Christmas magic for as long as possible this season. I think it's been a success so far.

(Yes, we have a gate around our tree. But this keeps the tree, the ornaments, and little hands safe. It's been a fabulous investment.)

I just can't really explain what Christmas with a child, our child, really means for us. I just know it has made me super emotional. Seeing her stocking hanging up with ours makes me well up. Watching her little fingers reach out to touch the tree branches leaves me in awe. Don't even get me started on Christmas songs, because "Mary did you know?" absolutely slays me. I adore Christmas and seeing it through the eyes of my baby girl just renews the magic and the hope and the excitement. It's truly the best.

In the meantime, Zoe is 10 months old. This is 2 months short of 1 year which is absolutely shocking. Our baby! How is she so big? But then I see her in her daddy's arms and she still looks tiny, which helps me calm down a little bit. The whole thing is just overwhelming. So the blogging takes a backseat so I can soak up these days and squeeze every last drop of joy and happiness and Christmas magic out of Zoe's first Christmas and our last Christmas in Germany...

I hope you do some joy-squeezing of your own this month particularly. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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