Monday, February 23, 2015

New news!

It's been 3 years since I started this little endeavor and since that feels like a pretty decent amount of time to stick with something, let's just go ahead and make it official.

Army There Yet is now a dot com!


That's right. You can now access this little slice of The Internets without that pesky

ATY is now alive and well at

(confetti cannons)

I'm all about your convenience. You're welcome.

In addition to that, you may notice some "design updates". I put that in quotes because nothing has become more evident to me through this process than the fact that I AM NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM EVEN SLIGHTLY INCLINED TOWARDS ANYTHING DESIGN-RELATED. Also, I'm not even that computer savvy. So. This was painful. And the entire time I'm all "WHY AM I NOT PAYING SOMEONE TO DO THIS FOR ME?!"

But maybe that's the next step? One thing at a time.

For now...DOT COM!

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