Sunday, April 26, 2015

Whoa, slow down

Oh hey guys. Welcome. Hi. There's so much to catch up on. We better get right to it.

I have been simultaneously writing posts in my head while actively avoiding writing actual posts, because ...

... well who knows, really. I think maybe I feel overwhelmed and the thought of writing something down, potentially unwinding some of that, and figuring out how I feel about things and facing what's coming is just A WHOLE LOT.

Which is a really dramatic way of saying I've been watching a ton of Netflix. I can't be bothered to blog when new seasons and new shows are being released every day.

Actually, there's been a whole bunch of non Netflix-related activity happening and then whoosh there went April.

Z and z both were so sick at the beginning of the month (not fun). My dear friend Kristen was here for a visit (SO fun). My mom was here for a visit (divine). I had a very important birthday (29, one of the big ones). We vacationed in Italy. Now I'm all "whoa, I have a lot of things to do before April ends!" Catch up on laundry...really catch up on work...Speaking of which, did you know I work? I do. So weird, right? In addition to my mothering and laundering and Netflix-watching, I've been working as an editor for about 2 years on a part-time basis. I'm so nervous to even tell you that because STOP JUDGING ALL OF MY GRAMMAR MISTAKES. This space isn't work. It's play. So everyone just relax;* 

On top of all of that, I'm mentally and emotionally trying to prepare for life back in the states. When Kristen was here it became clear to us that there was a critical need to catch me up on the latest and greatest stateside happenings. Like what is this "pure barre" or "fly barre" thing everyone is doing? Is froyo still a thing? Apparently the Atlanta Hawks are (were?) awesome? And there's some app that everyone uses to track traffic? It's all so overwhelming. Sometimes I start to get sweaty when I think about these things. I just need a culture coach...a re-entry hold my hand through this transition. I can't be trusted to do things like walk into the grocery store or (oh my gosh) Target all alone. I need support.

My thoughts are constantly turning towards living back in the states while I'm also constantly tearing up over leaving Germany. April is closing, and with the close of April comes the realization that we only have 2 full months left here.Two months is not a long time. I'll just stop right there because I can't go down that road quite yet.

In the meantime, I am frantically house hunting online (stressful), trying to read as much as possible (just finished Follow Me by David Platt, highly recommend), trying to get work done, trying to enjoy Zoe as much as possible (she's SO fun and she's walking!), trying to soak up all the "lasts" in Germany with Zach, trying not to FREAK OUT about everything that has to happen with this international move, and trying to eat all of the pretzels because Auntie Anne's just doesn't do it like the German bakery. You'll notice I say "trying" because, well, Netflix. That instant rollover to the next episode is really the killer, you know?

But seriously, I'll try to set aside some time this week to post some pictures from our trip to Italy because it really was fabulous. We were in the Cinque Terra and it was sunny and beautiful and relaxing and delicious (thus fulfilling ATY's Four Criteria for a Perfect Vacation).

Until then, what do we need to know as we prepare to re-enter American life? What's currently relevant that wasn't three years ago? For instance, I heard NYSNC is doing a reunion tour (don't tell me if this isn't true. Just don't). And actually that's perfect since Celebrity is still in my CD player. Turns out if you stick with something long enough, you end up being ahead of the curve when it comes back around (this probably doesn't apply to everything, but I think fanny packs are making a comeback, so maybe it DOES apply to everything). Also, I really need you to tell me that long hair is all the rage right now. Because I'm going to totally lose it if I hear that everyone is chopping off their locks in favor of the pixie cut.

*You can't relax, can you? Because of that semi-colon. Should be a period. But it's not. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!

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  1. Cannot WAIT to have y'all back in the states. As far as catching up on whats up, I would turn to Jimmy Fallon. We watch the clips on YouTube almost funny, and - in a sense - educational. :)