Saturday, May 9, 2015

All the Pictures...Cinque Terra (and other adventures)

I think there's a ton to say about this trip...but I also think I'm tired. So instead, a massive photo drop. I'll add captions to the pictures, ok? So there's that, at least.
B+ for effort on this. Maybe B-.
We drove from Germany to Interlaken, Switzerland to the Cinque Terra, Italy and then back through Innsbruck, Austria and finally home. It was delightful and more than once Zach and I had moments of "wow. This opportunity. These experiences. The travels we've had." We have had trips of a lifetime in 3 short years. And as our time here comes to a close, we are more thankful than ever and soaking it in as much as we can.

I love Zoe's face so much. Just a typical family shot in Lucerne, our lunch stop.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Oldest covered wood bridge in Europe

Please pass the Dramamine. Driving through the Alps

The sweetest

Interlaken, Switzerland


How bad do you want to waterski across that mirror lake? SO BAD.

View from our hotel room in Interlaken.

We took the train ferry through the Alps!

View along the way. Couldn't get over it.

From our apartment in Monterosso. View of the other 4 cities in the Cinque Terra.

It was warm and sunny and the water was beautiful.

Couldn't beat the view


My heart

View from the hike to our apartment. Also know as "I had to stop here to catch my breath and decided to play it off like I just wanted a picture".

Post-nap snuggles.

The focaccia! The pesto! The wine! All of it.

Watching the city light up. View from our room.


Hiking trail.







Sometimes you just need to catch a quick snooze

Playing in the "sand"

Final evening, all 5 cities

Innsbruck, Austria. Whoa.

Innsbruck again