Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Exactly 25 days ago, Zoe and I landed in Atlanta.

Exactly 5 days later, Olive landed in Atlanta.

Exactly 8 days after that, Zachary landed in Atlanta.

And now all of us are in our new home in South Carolina.

A new home that makes strange noises at night that cause me to wake up my husband in the late hours and request a full-house walk-through (including attic space) while I cling to my phone (ready to dial 911) and the car keys (panic button, hello) because, seriously, what if some hobos decided to move in while the house was unoccupied for so long before we finally got here?

There are no hobos, so everybody can rest easy tonight.

We got back in bed (read: our respective air mattresses) and Z says to me, "Do you want to activate the security system?" because he is so sweet and kind, even after being PSSSST-ed awake for phantom hobo noises in a house that is perfectly safe and secure and also guarded by a very big dog with a very scary bark.

Turns out our air conditioner switching on or off makes a ruckus. Not hobos. (turns out, I'm thankful that Olive doesn't bark at every strange noise. What a false alarm.)

Anyways. We're here, in a completely empty house, feeling very happy and very overwhelmed (I think Z is not overwhelmed. I think Zoe, Olive and I are). 

Zoe, who was a champion on the 10-hour flight back and experienced only a minor jet-lag issue, has had nearly a month with both sets of grandparents and plenty of time with cousins and aunts and uncles...which was my favorite thing, but has led to a certain...situation...now that we're in our own home and it's just me and Z and Olive (so boring, apparently). She is whiny and clingy and very much wanting way more attention than we have ever been able to give her. BUT I am cutting her lots of slack because this has been a huge transition and I'm sure she's feeling the effects of all of the new locations and sleeping in a travel crib and everything else that encompasses a move overseas and staying in 3 different houses in a short period of time. And also because she's a baby. Babies get tons of slack.

Olive is constantly giving us sad-dog eyes and has also become incredibly clingy, but who can blame her? I'm not sure she's recovered from her flight experience (we estimate she was in her crate at LEAST 14 hours; 3 of those in a hot, dark, loud cargo building). She gets very nervous when she sees a suitcase or when we start prepping to leave the house. But now we are home and I think she'll be much happier in a few days (weeks?). Poor Olive. She gets less slack than Zoe, though. She's a dog. Snap out of it, dog. 

I am overwhelmed, but happy. I feel like the last 3 weeks were a very surreal vacation; there were constantly extra eyes and hands on Zoe and that was just so nice. I was able to see some friends, Z and I had a few date nights (we even went to a movie. In a theater.) Zach and I both feel like we're still just visiting and we keep talking about how strange it is to be HERE and to be staying here. We have so much we want to do with the house (painting. Replacing toilet seats. Yard work. Hobo prevention.) and thankfully we have the ability to really focus on those things because none of our stuff has arrived and there is no sign of it arriving anytime soon. So I'm doing things like "scrubbing baseboards" and "lining shelves". So adult. 

So that's where we're at. Sleeping on air mattresses, eating off paper plates, making a Wal-mart run every day because "oh gosh, we need sponges. And a bucket. And probably some Oreos". Adjusting, slowly but surely. 


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