Friday, August 14, 2015


It's just that we still don't have our stuff. So I'm taking a moment to pop in, say hey, but mostly just to release this into the universe and then crawl back into my hole of self-pity and general crankiness:


It is hard to live in an empty house. Yes, it is 100% a first-world problem, and I know that being annoyed about this is a luxury in and of itself. We're clothed, we're sheltered, we're fed and I'm all cranky and ruffled because we don't have couches and lamps and ice cream scoops and paper-towel holders.

I was texting a friend and I said to her "I'm just annoyed that I'm annoyed, you know?"...meaning I was frustrated with myself for being so affected and annoyed by the inconvenience of not having our "things".

She said "YES! I do know. I think it's because we're HSPs. Highly Sensitive Persons."

I love that. HSPs. That is probably the answer to everything right now. This HSP needs a routine and order and the comfort of the "KNOWN"...and also her couches.

That's all I've got for now. Just no couches and lots of sensitivity.

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